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Tell us 3 random things about yourself!

Off Topic • Asked 4 months ago by jamdaddy

Profile picture for the comic artist, jamdaddy jamdaddy Mod Commented on Jun 30, 2019

Let's get to know each other and find out what more we have in common.

Leave a comment with at least 3 things about yourself. If you see something you have in common with someone else, let them know!

I'll start:

- I'm Canadian
- 25 Years old
- Avid book reader
- I used to practice wood carving
- The last movie I watched was "Bloodsport"
- For a decade I was a vegetarian, but now my true love is meat 🥩
- Guilty pleasure? I'm a Sonic The Hedgehog fan...
- Sensory deprivation tanks bring me peace :)

Your turn!

Profile picture for the comic artist, ironically horny ironically horny Commented on Jun 30, 2019

very epic
- Asian American
- Used to be a big book worm, now only read stories online
- Don't like stories in first person
- Used to do competitive iceskating (freestyle)
- Guilty pleasure: marathoning animes
- Fav animals: opossums and snakes

Profile picture for the comic artist, The Burned Man The Burned Man Commented on Jun 30, 2019

and with this new addition, paneljam just got 900x better
- jim carrey is my metaphorical and literal father figure
- i'm the president of zimbabwe
- i play trombone + pretend i don't suck at accordion
- i just watched waterboy, don't listen to imdb it was really good
- fav vidya by far is fallout new vegas
anyways onto you, friend

Profile picture for the comic artist, Ramora Ramora Commented on Jun 30, 2019

- 38 years old
- swedish talking finn
- got 2 kids, 2 cats but so far only 1 going to be husband
- cant stand the taste of alcohol, coffee, tobacco, most veggies, cale, grapefruit..
- uncurable sugar addict
- socially awkward, quiet but not shy
- motion sickness in cars and when playing/watching firstperson games
- dream of being a wealthy enough hermit so I can be a responsible crazy old catlady with enough catfood ...and preferably human food for myself...

Profile picture for the comic artist, Painterjosh Painterjosh Commented on Jun 30, 2019

YAY! A forum!
- I'm Spanish.
- I love the English language and to learn it by myself.
- It wasn't until 2019 that I started to focus more on drawing! I wanted to be an actor before.
- My fave movie is "The Princess Bride".
- Mario Kart is my drug.
Alright, nexttt!

Profile picture for the comic artist, MarkVinic MarkVinic Commented on Jun 30, 2019

- I'm Brazilian
- 21 years old
- I'm more like the quiet, observing type
- Used to do parkour, long jump and play electric guittar
- When I was a kid I used to pet every animal/insect that I could find in my backyard
- As a gamer my favorite series are Dark Souls and Tomb Raider
- I hate to discuss politics and religion stuff
- I'm getting back into art recently, but it is not my primary course
Good luck next person...

Profile picture for the comic artist, superstar_pixie superstar_pixie Commented on Jun 30, 2019

- The Princess Bride is ALSO one of my favorites @ josh
- I've played only Enter the Gungeon for the past week but am resisting the urge to re-install Final Fantasy XV.
- On my desk are a copy of Dune and a very water-damaged copy of the King James Bible.
- I thought JamDaddy was AT LEAST 6 years older than me but I was wrong.
- My favorite comedian is Norm Macdonald.
- I'm trying to limit phone use to necessary business as it's one of several seemingly-innocuous addictive habits I have.
- When I'm not draining my mind in front of inane BS on a screen, I'm working obsessively on webcomics.
- I used to have other talents, but now that all I do is draw I think I've forgotten them.
- Everything I write is long when it needs to be concise and vice versa.
Who's next?

Profile picture for the comic artist, joshyouart joshyouart Commented on Jul 01, 2019

- I’m a “Blimey Brit” (in the words of jamdaddy)
- I’m 27 years old
- I’m married and Have 2 dogs (one is called Craig)
- I’ve been drawing “properly” since about 2018 (before then I was an avid doodler/cock artist. I am still both of those tho)
- I play a bunch of instruments (studied music technology, made some weird ass music - if you’re interested some of my projects can be found here
- My mum says I’m special
- I get most of my inspiration from walks or showers
- I play a lot of games and watch a lot of series and movies

Profile picture for the comic artist, Robro Robro Commented on Jul 02, 2019

-i'm only 18 years old
-i like strawberry milk
-my favourite color is pink
-started drawing more 'bout a year or two ago
-also started skateboarding a year ago
-my childish future dreams are: Making my own music; Writing a book, and poems; Doing art stuff for money; Being a (physics) teacher; Building an indoors skatepark in my home town;
-the best sins to descirbe me are Lust and Sloth
-i feel naked now

Profile picture for the comic artist, RWeaper RWeaper Commented on Jul 29, 2019

my turn

-im filipino, i live in the philippines! i am fluent at english-- too fluent
-i drew when i was 3, i didnt focus more on drawing back then, so until 2018, i didn't take it seriously, i use to want to be a teacher or a doctor! that was unrealistic
-my stupidly childish but possible dreams when i don't procrastinate are: making a novel with illustrations, a webcomic, and being a professional animator- basically art stuff!
-im an ambivert, sometimes i like to talk to new people and sometimes i just want to lay down and just dont want to talk
-i type in entirely lowercase but that doesnt mean im bored with you- im a very expressive person
-motion sickness.
-i hate spiders
-and i hate myself

passing on the ball

Profile picture for the comic artist, SellOut267 SellOut267 Commented on Oct 05, 2019

1. I have a youtube channel called pika twins gaming
2. sometimes i can be a troll
3. i love drawing

Profile picture for the comic artist, Beember-jams Beember-jams Commented on Oct 06, 2019

-I'm a skinny white chick
-I'm (enter age)
-Hard-core kirby fan
-nothing else interesting I'm really boring