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share cool stuff you found online

Off Topic • Asked 3 months ago by Deduraptor

Profile picture for the comic artist, Deduraptor Deduraptor Commented on Aug 08, 2019

cool websites, art, videos, articles, whatever goes

Profile picture for the comic artist, Deduraptor Deduraptor Commented on Aug 08, 2019

website comp i made a while ago for a discord im in

- archive of good yt videos, imagine youtube trending if it was actually good
- free stock photo stuff
- yall probly know this one already
- trippy experimental browser stuff
- glsl stuff
- urban exploration / abandoned places tourism blog
- one of the oldest still running blogs
- and - 2 bizzare net art projects
- make ur maps
- universe simulator game
- makes trippy software
- bypass paywalls on scientific papers (this is actually ethical as researchers themselves never get the money from those paywalls, only the publisher benefits from them)
- read news articles without ads, gdpr, autoplaying video, other distracting crap
- map of all music genres
- just a pretty cool twitter artist
- archive of comfy gondola animations
- math proofs, rly good source when youre stuck on a homework problem
- good resource on shaders
- glitch text generator
- pixel art site
- deepstyle site that actually works
- make gifs with sound
- funny dumb comics
- ytmnd-like old internet relic
- check a file/website for viruses with 50+ antiviruses

Profile picture for the comic artist, jamdaddy jamdaddy Mod Commented on Aug 08, 2019

Great idea! I've got a few...
- auto-remove backgrounds from images
- a collection of colour palettes based on famous artists' work
- discover music
- Like GeoCities, but still around
- Sync youtube videos to watch with friends
- 3D model poser for drawing people
- Free stock music
- A collection of beautiful, round butt illustrations
I'm sure I'll be back to list more, but that's all for now.

(PS. I'll add some styling options to forum posts soon. Line breaks, at the very least.)

Profile picture for the comic artist, Robro Robro Commented on Aug 21, 2019

Dont have much but ill share some stuff.

- - i like to use this one to get some practice when bored (you can go to "random poses" and look at pictures of animals, landscapes, regular ol humans etc).

- - found this one recently, you can select 3d models to draw n stuff, seems cool.

- -online drawing and guessing game, pretty fun.

- -artist i like :y

- google doc from 4chan /ic/ board, havent read it all but there should be some useful stuff there
- -basically the same as above but not a google doc

- - the big meme books

- honestly, if you really want to learn drawing, go look at the /ic/ beginner thread.
i guess im being hypocritical cause i still havent read much of anything from there

Profile picture for the comic artist, rotifer rotifer Commented on Aug 23, 2019

- - a really fun heavily skill-based online game

- - gives you a random picture from the depths of the internet each time you refresh

- - obamacare not worky obama angry

-garfield underpants search results - theres way more garfield underpants out there than you think

- - the best site on the entire internet

- the search results when searching up the same letter repeating are really strange

also hi glitchraptor

Profile picture for the comic artist, The_Silent_Artist The_Silent_Artist Commented on Aug 26, 2019

Profile picture for the comic artist, Deduraptor Deduraptor Commented on Aug 28, 2019 facepunch forums revival bizzare/cursed images blog [NSFW] positive/uplifting news site founded by david byrne listen to wikipedia

Profile picture for the comic artist, CatLettuce CatLettuce Commented on Oct 18, 2019

Want a whole database of time-wasters? You're welcome.