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Streak countdown counter!

Suggestions • Asked 4 months ago by ArelaEstudio

Profile picture for the comic artist, ArelaEstudio ArelaEstudio Commented on Aug 01, 2019

I love streaks. Since I received the e-mail about streaks modifing stars I love them more. Curiously I find it hard to know exaclty the time of the day I must draw to make it grow. Sometimes I think it will work and it doesn't. Maybe I am some minutes earlier. Sometimes I think "this is the moment" and counter resets... I am some minutes late.
A countdown clock to show how many time is left for the streak to activate/reset/??? would be awesome :3
Is it possible, is there somethig I don't know or I'm just over-st-reakting?

Profile picture for the comic artist, jamdaddy jamdaddy Mod Commented on Aug 01, 2019

Good call! I’ll make that this weekend ;)