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Phone Odyssey

What will this dude experience? - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
Um, sailing towards his odyssey on his giant phone-ship? - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
 - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
He's found the ancient "podders" tribe on their way to buy juul pods. - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
  • LizardPie34

    Is that an inkling?

  • Painterjosh

    @LizardPie34 Nope, just a random dude. BTW I looove the second panel, @Yntec !

  • Yntec

    @Painterjosh :D

  • andyboo

    it really really really is not bad for phone...drawing, amazing!

  • jamdaddy

    @Painterjosh nice! I'll be updating how drawing works on the phone pretty soon. Any feedback to improve? :D

  • Painterjosh

    @jamdaddy Hmm... One thing I noticed is that the fill tool works a little strangely (I think that's a problem in PC too or maybe it's just me) and overall it's a little laggy. Also, there could be more line smoothing than in PC to compensate not drawing with a tablet, right? I think that would be cool :P

  • jamdaddy

    @Painterjosh thanks! Performance is something I’m actively working on. Expect an update soon!

  • Painterjosh

    @jamdaddy Great! ^_^ Thanks to you for asking

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